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Need a locksmith in a tearing hurry? Call our 24 hour emergency locksmith service. We have earned a reputation for providing perhaps the best emergency locksmith services in the Denver vicinity. No matter what time of the day or night, no matter which day of the week/ week-ends, public holidays, even Christmas, or the fourth of July…if you call us, we’ll come over, quickly. In a fully-equipped mobile locksmith unit – one that has all the tools, equipment and technologies needed to deal with your emergency swiftly. For example, if you need a duplicate key made to get you inside, we can make one right there – on site, quickly, using the equipment and tools we have in the mobile unit.

Safe Key Locksmith Service Denver, CO 303-729-2880Your call is our command. That’s something very sacred to us. No matter when or where you call us, we’ll answer your emergency call swiftly. Our 10 years of experience have taught us that locksmith emergencies can occur anytime, and at anyplace. The caller at the end of the line is worried and needs our urgent attention and waiting anxiously to get that lock opened, or closed…as the case may be. 

Folks have accidentally got locked out of their homes or their cars, or they just forgot their keys or left the key someplace else and need to get inside soon. Perhaps for some reason the key won’t work, or the lock has got damaged or, by mistake they carried the wrong key. When this happens, don’t panic, don’t even worry too much, just give us a call like hundreds of citizens of Denver, CO have been doing for so many years now. We’ll come over and help you get that lock opened again. Or install the locks and devices that will make your location more secure.

Sometimes people (especially pets, kids or old folks), have got locked inside the vehicle or premises. Out emergency locksmith services have handled such situations efficiently too. In the hot summer season it’s not uncommon to get calls from well-wishers who have noticed that someone has locked their pet dog inside their car, gone into a shopping mall and forgotten the poor creature who is sweating it out inside the car. Or a neighbor who noticed that the old people living next door have got accidentally locked in.

All our locksmiths are highly-professional, when you call us, you can be rest assured of confidentiality regarding your locks and trust them to adhere to the code of ethics and the guidelines laid down by Safe Key Locksmith Service. You can check this for yourself by asking to see their IDs whenever you make a call and one of our locksmiths arrives at your site.

It certainly helps to have a professional deal with any security situation, be it at your home or commercial premise of at your vehicle stuck in some dark parking lot. After all, it’s a matter of your security. That’s why we only hire skilled and experienced locksmiths. When you’re in an emergency, security situation, the last thing you want is a fraudulent locksmith standing next to you.