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Safe Key Locksmith Service is a 24/7 locksmith service agency that has been providing excellent key services in Denver, CO area. Specializing in cutting and programming transponder keys for vehicles, we are lauded by vehicle owners for our prompt service, precision and affordable locksmith prices.

The ultimate guard against car theft:

Car thefts were quite commonplace decades ago. Thieves, that somehow found a way to break into the car, were easily able to start the vehicle through hot wiring. However, with the introduction of transponder keys and its widespread adoption by the automotive industry after 1995, the scenario changed entirely. This simplistic piece of technical mastery prevented cars from being hotwired, thereby drastically bringing down the number of car thefts. 

How does it work?

Not to be confused with a remote controlled key that is widely used for remote locking/unlocking, a transponder chip key system works independently. A transponder key carries a microchip embedded inside them that carries unique serial number. When the key is inserted into the switch, it transmits a low-level signal that is validated by the car to deactivate the immobilizer. If the signal isn’t recognized, the car will remain inoperable. In more sophisticated systems, rolling codes are encrypted into the system wherein the validation code changes after every use, making transponder key cloning quite difficult. 

Why you need an expert auto locksmith?

Lost your vehicle’s transponder key ? Do you need to get a replacement? Designed as a part of the vehicle anti-theft system, despite their seemingly simple exterior, transponder keys are actually quite hard to replicate. It involves two aspects – one: the key blade needs to be cut precisely to turn the locks – two: the key’s chip needs to be programmed correctly to disarm the specific vehicle’s immobilizer. Not just anyone can help you get a replacement. You need expert help and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you call Safe Key Locksmith Service.

Get transponder key made in 30 minutes:

Safe Key Locksmith Service Denver, CO 303-729-2880If you’ve lost your transponder keys or are afraid that it has fallen into the wrong hands, leave your worries aside, pick up the phone and call 303-729-2880 to avail rapid professional locksmith service in Denver, CO. Our state-of-the-art vans are equipped with all the tools necessary to craft a duplicate transponder key or reprogram the chip set to ensure that only the new key operates your vehicle. Combining years of industry experience and knowledge of latest developments in the automotive locksmith industry, our technicians can get a key made within 30 minutes

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